Hannibal 3×01 Antipasto Recap

The question on everyone’s minds – Why did Bedelia get on the plane? – is somewhat answered when Hannibal asks Bedelia how she feels. “I still believe I am in conscious control of my actions.” Really? What about when you warned Jack,”Don’t fool yourself into thinking [Hannibal’s] not in control of what’s happening”? I think the highlight of this season will be figuring out Bedelia’s motivation.

We flashback to Bedelia entering her house after the tea-cup gutting incident of season 2. Hannibal is taking a shower because fan service. How Bedelia didn’t notice the shower until after she poured herself a drink, I don’t know, but she’s prepared. As Hannibal gets dressed, Bedelia points a gun at him. She could shoot him and no one else would have to die, but then we wouldn’t have a show, so I’ll suspend my disbelief for now.

This next bit of dialogue is evidence that if you haven’t seen Hannibal before this episode, you need to watch seasons one and two. At the very least, you need to watch Sorbet (1×07) to get the person suit reference.

Bedelia: “What have you done, Hannibal?”
Hannibal: “I’ve taken off my person suit.”
Bedelia: “You let them see you.”
Hannibal: “I let them see enough.”

Sometimes I wish the characters would just speak honestly:

Bedelia: “Hannibal, who did you kill?”
Hannibal: “Definitely Abigail, probably Alana, maybe Will, and possibly Jack.”
Bedelia: ” . . . “

Seriously, are psychiatrists other worldly beings in this universe? I think most people would be a little panicked, especially after telling someone, “Please don’t come to my home again.” How did Bedelia go from that to Italy?

Hannibal’s still mad about Bedelia firing him as her patient, but Bedelia says she only did this because she “lacked the appropriate skills to continue [Hannibal’s] therapy.” I thought she stopped seeing Hannibal because he was “dangerous” but apparently she was just holding out for a free trip to Europe. Fair enough.



  1. I’m not familiar at all with the show you describe. It made me chuckle when you said you looked up the “Bonsoir,” to make sure it meant “Good evening and not…” I laughed. Then I read your next line and realized this theme is built into the show. What else with the name Hannibal? Not the show for me! LOL.


  2. Came here via community pool. Very funny, though I think less play-by-play and more thoughts/analysis is the way to go. I watched this ep with my mother and she was very confused by the whole thing–she doesn’t do well with non-linear stories, but the way I understood it was this: The black-and-white scenes were straight-up flashbacks, maybe not to what actually happened, but to how Hannibal sees what happened–for all his genius at manipulating the perception of others, his own perceptions aren’t always true to reality–given that his version of ‘reality’ is questionable. Personally, I don’t think Bedelia is under his ‘control’ so much as under his ‘spell’; like she said, she (like him) is curious to see what will happen. Hannibal may encourage that curiosity, but at this point she is well enough aware of his nature to know not to trust any suggestions he gives her; she chooses to follow them, follow him, of her own accord, no matter how much she knows it’s a bad, dangerous idea. At the same time, I think one of the interesting questions of the show is how far someone truly can control or manipulate another person. 🙂


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