Hannibal 3×01 Antipasto Recap

Bedelia finally asks, “Is Will Graham still alive?” but Hannibal doesn’t answer. I think Hannibal’s the reason we can’t have direct conversations.

We find out that Bedelia isn’t shooting Hannibal due to “Greed and blind optimism” which she demonstrates when she PUTS THE GUN DOWN. WHY???

Hannibal has probably never been out of a suit for longer than an hour, so he leaves to change and Bedelia watches him walk away. Maybe she’s in love with him. Maybe Bedelia is the Clarice Sterling of the show. If someone has to be, I’d rather it be Bedelia than a new character. Bedelia and Hannibal have history and I’m almost positive that eventually we’ll learn what this history entails. Maybe. Possibly.

Flash-forward to present day and Bedelia is grocery shopping. I probably can’t afford it, but I wish I had her outfit. I wonder if H&M, Garage, or Suzy Shier sells a cheap version? Meanwhile, Hannibal prepares for a lecture and then walks down the most beautiful staircase in the world.

We flash ahead to Hannibal in a courtyard and-oh, hey Anthony! (In)conveniently enough, the only man to notice Hannibal noticing Roman is in the same city as Hannibal. Anthony reminds Hannibal that they met in Paris and asks if Hannibal is working with Roman. Um…

Hannibal says yes (WHY???) because Roman is the new curator and translator at the [name of place I’ll input when I get subtitles or a copy of the script]. For a smart guy, Hannibal makes a lot of mistakes. Why did he tell Anthony what his name was back in Paris?

Hannibal invites Anthony to dinner and we get a close up of snails. Pan out, and…the snails are attached to someone’s arm. It’s Abel Gideon’s arm. Again, I’m not sure how to feel about these moments. Is Hannibal dreaming this? Is Bedelia dreaming this? Is this thinly-disguised exposition? Maybe Gideon is relaying Hannibal’s fears to the audience, but if that’s the case, I don’t think it’s necessary. After all, Hannibal is an unreliable narrator. I’m not going to take the exposition at face value.



  1. I’m not familiar at all with the show you describe. It made me chuckle when you said you looked up the “Bonsoir,” to make sure it meant “Good evening and not…” I laughed. Then I read your next line and realized this theme is built into the show. What else with the name Hannibal? Not the show for me! LOL.


  2. Came here via community pool. Very funny, though I think less play-by-play and more thoughts/analysis is the way to go. I watched this ep with my mother and she was very confused by the whole thing–she doesn’t do well with non-linear stories, but the way I understood it was this: The black-and-white scenes were straight-up flashbacks, maybe not to what actually happened, but to how Hannibal sees what happened–for all his genius at manipulating the perception of others, his own perceptions aren’t always true to reality–given that his version of ‘reality’ is questionable. Personally, I don’t think Bedelia is under his ‘control’ so much as under his ‘spell’; like she said, she (like him) is curious to see what will happen. Hannibal may encourage that curiosity, but at this point she is well enough aware of his nature to know not to trust any suggestions he gives her; she chooses to follow them, follow him, of her own accord, no matter how much she knows it’s a bad, dangerous idea. At the same time, I think one of the interesting questions of the show is how far someone truly can control or manipulate another person. 🙂


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