Hannibal 3×01 Antipasto Recap

Flash-forward to Anthony staring at Bedelia while she eats oysters. Bedelia asks Anthony how well he knows the Fell’s. Anthony says he doesn’t know them well. Hannibal chats about Dante, and then asks Anthony to come to Roman’s lecture on Dante the following Friday (Hannibal will eventually wind up in prison because he does things like this). Anthony agrees.

Anthony also seems overly interested in what Bedelia is eating. Bedelia says she’s “trying not to eat anything with a central nervous system.” Anthony says Bedelia’s food looks like what the Ancient Romans fed animals to improve their flavour, and I’m reminded of every conversation between Lex and Lionel on Smallville. Every conversation was a threat wrapped in a history lesson. Bedelia seems to take Anthony’s comment the same way and tries to move the conversation in a…different direction. Anthony asks if it’s “that kind of party.” Mads Hannibal says it’s not that kind of party, and his reaction is reminiscent of when Will said, “Peter, is your social worker in that horse?” Mostly Mads, with a bit of Hannibal seeping through.

Bedelia reiterates that it’s definitely not that kind of party. They finish dinner and Hannibal lets Anthony leave. Bedelia has an issue with this, and I get the feeling that Hannibal wants Bedelia to complain so he can implicate her in whatever happens later.

Bedelia is walking somewhere and I really want the blue hat she’s wearing. She buys groceries and watches as blood drips from a rabbit hanging in the shop. The shop is far enough from her and Hannibal’s place that she’s talking the train. We flashback to when Bedelia murdered her patient and yep, that’s definitely Zachary Quinto. Hannibal walks in because he probably planned this. Bedelia says Quinto attacked her and she was defending herself, so Hannibal does what any mental health professional would do: He tells Bedelia it’s her fault and she should feel bad. I’m getting the feeling Bedelia was Will before Will was Will.

Bedelia washes the blood off her arm, and Hannibal delivers my favourite quote of the episode:

“I can help you tell the version of events you want to be told.”

In context, this is immoral. Out of context, it’s a great way of dealing with anxiety and depression. Change your thoughts, change your feelings.



  1. I’m not familiar at all with the show you describe. It made me chuckle when you said you looked up the “Bonsoir,” to make sure it meant “Good evening and not…” I laughed. Then I read your next line and realized this theme is built into the show. What else with the name Hannibal? Not the show for me! LOL.


  2. Came here via community pool. Very funny, though I think less play-by-play and more thoughts/analysis is the way to go. I watched this ep with my mother and she was very confused by the whole thing–she doesn’t do well with non-linear stories, but the way I understood it was this: The black-and-white scenes were straight-up flashbacks, maybe not to what actually happened, but to how Hannibal sees what happened–for all his genius at manipulating the perception of others, his own perceptions aren’t always true to reality–given that his version of ‘reality’ is questionable. Personally, I don’t think Bedelia is under his ‘control’ so much as under his ‘spell’; like she said, she (like him) is curious to see what will happen. Hannibal may encourage that curiosity, but at this point she is well enough aware of his nature to know not to trust any suggestions he gives her; she chooses to follow them, follow him, of her own accord, no matter how much she knows it’s a bad, dangerous idea. At the same time, I think one of the interesting questions of the show is how far someone truly can control or manipulate another person. 🙂


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