Hannibal 3×01 Antipasto Recap

Hannibal tells Bedelia, “I can help you if you ask me too.” So, Hannibal likely manipulated Bedelia into murdering her patient, and now Hannibal’s telling Bedelia that he can help her deal with this, if she asks. Bedelia says, “Will you help me?” and I want to rewatch every episode with Hannibal and Bedelia. This puts things in a new light.

Flash-forward to Friday’s lecture and obviously Hannibal is giving it, not Roman. Bedelia’s there, which makes the lecture seem like thinly-veiled threat of what will happen if she betrays Hannibal. We get an awesome shot of Hannibal standing in front of a slide portraying Lucifer. Foreshadowing! Bedelia notices that Anthony is there and decides now’s as good a time as any to make a run for it.

Professor Something is watching the lecture too. When the lecture ends, he tries to start another fight with Hannibal. Dude, quit while you’re not dead. Anthony saves him by interrupting the conversation. Professor Something turns to Anthony and says, “Dr. Fell is a friend of yours?” Uh oh. Anthony tells Professor Something what he told Hannibal at their first meeting in Paris: “I was his TA.”

When Professor Something leaves, Anthony turns and seems to be headed in the same direction. Run Anthony, run! Or…turn around and stay. That works too. Anthony tells Hannibal that a lecture on medieval torture appeals to “the worst of mankind.” Strike one. Hannibal asks Anthony what wickedness has his attention and Anthony says, “Yours, Dr. Fell.” Strike two. Anthony tries to get Hannibal to confess, but Hannibal says Anthony will “have to strap [him] to the breaking wheel.” Anthony says, “We can twist ourselves into all manner of uncomfortable positions just to maintain appearances, with or without a breaking wheel.” Be careful, Anthony. Hannibal is smiling as he asks “Are you here to here to twist me into an uncomfortable position?” Anthony responds, “I’m here to help you untwist to our mutual benefit.” Strike three. You’re out.

Bedelia is leaving (where did she buy that handbag?) as Hannibal arrives home with Anthony. Jack Donaghy once said, “Never go with a hippie to a second location,” The same could be said of a murderer, but poor Anthony has never heard this advice. Hannibal hits Anthony with a bust à la Tobias from season one as a horrified Bedelia watches. My current Bedelia theory is she’s had Stockholm syndrome since her patient attacked her and is only now coming out of it.



  1. I’m not familiar at all with the show you describe. It made me chuckle when you said you looked up the “Bonsoir,” to make sure it meant “Good evening and not…” I laughed. Then I read your next line and realized this theme is built into the show. What else with the name Hannibal? Not the show for me! LOL.


  2. Came here via community pool. Very funny, though I think less play-by-play and more thoughts/analysis is the way to go. I watched this ep with my mother and she was very confused by the whole thing–she doesn’t do well with non-linear stories, but the way I understood it was this: The black-and-white scenes were straight-up flashbacks, maybe not to what actually happened, but to how Hannibal sees what happened–for all his genius at manipulating the perception of others, his own perceptions aren’t always true to reality–given that his version of ‘reality’ is questionable. Personally, I don’t think Bedelia is under his ‘control’ so much as under his ‘spell’; like she said, she (like him) is curious to see what will happen. Hannibal may encourage that curiosity, but at this point she is well enough aware of his nature to know not to trust any suggestions he gives her; she chooses to follow them, follow him, of her own accord, no matter how much she knows it’s a bad, dangerous idea. At the same time, I think one of the interesting questions of the show is how far someone truly can control or manipulate another person. 🙂


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