Hannibal 3×01 Antipasto Recap

Hannibal asks Bedelia if she’s observing or participating. She says she’s observing, but according to Hannibal, she’s participating. Hannibal asks if Bedelia realised what Anthony would do. Did Bedelia realise…??? Hannibal invited Anthony to the lecture. You almost have to admire Hannibal’s blatant refusal to take responsibility for anything. Bedelia says she was curious about what would happen and Hannibal seems to accept this, although if Bedelia had escaped, she wouldn’t have seen the aftermath of the confrontation so I’m not sure she’s being truthful about her motivation.

Regardless,  Anthony has overstayed his welcome.  Hannibal does what he does best, second to cooking, and Bedelia is stunned. I’m confused, because wasn’t Bedelia leaving because she knew Hannibal was going to do this? Why is she surprised?

Hannibal asks Bedelia what she’s gotten herself into. I’m wondering this too, and I hope we get more answers next week.

But, the episode’s not over yet! Hannibal’s on a train, thinking about snails, everything’s black and white and..no, not another Abel Gideon scene. Gideon says, “I’m just fascinated to know how you’ll feel when all this happens to you.” I hope these scenes end up making sense in context, because right now they’re the weak spot in an otherwise perfect start to the season.

We’re back on the train. A scene of Hannibal folding an origami heart is interspersed with scenes of a bloody…something inside of a church. Fade to black.

What did you think of the season three premiere?



  1. I’m not familiar at all with the show you describe. It made me chuckle when you said you looked up the “Bonsoir,” to make sure it meant “Good evening and not…” I laughed. Then I read your next line and realized this theme is built into the show. What else with the name Hannibal? Not the show for me! LOL.


  2. Came here via community pool. Very funny, though I think less play-by-play and more thoughts/analysis is the way to go. I watched this ep with my mother and she was very confused by the whole thing–she doesn’t do well with non-linear stories, but the way I understood it was this: The black-and-white scenes were straight-up flashbacks, maybe not to what actually happened, but to how Hannibal sees what happened–for all his genius at manipulating the perception of others, his own perceptions aren’t always true to reality–given that his version of ‘reality’ is questionable. Personally, I don’t think Bedelia is under his ‘control’ so much as under his ‘spell’; like she said, she (like him) is curious to see what will happen. Hannibal may encourage that curiosity, but at this point she is well enough aware of his nature to know not to trust any suggestions he gives her; she chooses to follow them, follow him, of her own accord, no matter how much she knows it’s a bad, dangerous idea. At the same time, I think one of the interesting questions of the show is how far someone truly can control or manipulate another person. 🙂


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