Music Apps

Music App Review:

I found when I was looking for an alternative Spotify. Spotify is great, but I usually end up listening to songs I already know, instead of something new.

According to the website, is “radio powered by the web’s leading tastemaker sites and blogs.” takes songs and music videos from other music sites, and makes them accessible from the website and app.

I’m someone who knows within the first five seconds whether I’ll like a song. Shuffler is great because, as far I know, they don’t set a song limit, unlike 8tracks and Songza. I think this might be because Shuffler isn’t posting music, just sharing music from other sites. If a song I don’t like starts playing, I can just switch to a different song. I’m not sure what would happen if I tried to listen to several songs from the same website, though.

I love how the app itself is organised. Radar chooses music for you according to what you’ve listened to and favourited. Songs you’ve favourite are in your profile.  Popular lists the most popular songs, but unlike mainstream radio, Shuffler is basing its choices on music sites and blogs. The quality is substantially higher than most top 40 lists. Radio organises songs by genre.

The sites section is good if you’re looking for sites according to genre. Otherwise, you need to know which music site you’re looking for because no descriptions are listed unless you click. Still, it’s fun to choose random sites and see which songs you get.

Below every song or music video is an article excerpt from the original site. Sometimes when I clicked through, the original article was gone, but this didn’t happen too often.

Shuffler was made in Amsterdam so most of the music is from outside the states. As a Canadian whose been barraged by American pop-culture for twenty-six years, I love hearing music from the rest of the world. 🙂

If you love music, download! It’s an awesome way to discover new music!