A Conversation with My Younger Self…If I was 99

Dear 25 year old me,

Greetings from the year 2088. I thought I’d write to you because I know you’re struggling with some things.

I know that you’ve been working on your anxiety and you’re worried that you’re not improving as quickly as you should. I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t worry. You recover from the anxiety and you’re a stronger and more empathetic person because you went through it.

You’re also worried about being single. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with the wrong person. And don’t worry; I won’t tell you exactly when, but sometime after your 2.0 graduation from university, you meet the man you’re going to marry. You have children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren. They visit you, and sometimes they bring you food because the food at the seniors home isn’t always the best. I’m sorry to say that you’re not as mobile at age 99 as you were in your twenties.

By the way, that’s another reason you should take Grandma’s advice and “Be thankful you’re as good as you are.” You’re healthy. You’re smart. You’re pretty. Even if you don’t always believe that, you are. Trust me. I’ve kept Nanny Bobby and Great-Grandma in mind and kept myself looking presentable throughout my life, but I don’t look the way I did when I was 25. Why do you worry so much about it? As long as you’re getting enough sleep, eating correctly, and exercising, you’re good!

Focus on what matters. I know you have a lot of dreams. You want your own classroom. You want to publish a novel. You want your blog to be well-known. Don’t worry, that happens (I won’t tell you when!), but that’s because I made steps to make it happen. I practiced my writing every day and took PD courses for teachers. I stopped wasting time online and on Netflix and I only did things if they contributed to my quality of life. Remember Kim Kardashian? Shockingly, knowledge of her family doesn’t benefit you in any way. The same goes for most pop culture.

Instead of worrying about the latest celebrity misstep, spend time with people you love. You’ll be happy to know that you get a lot better at staying in touch with people! You kept in touch with your friends from school, and made new friends at work. You even have some friends at the seniors home. You still go to the AOII alumni events when you can. Now that you’re 99, they treat you a bit like a novelty…you know, like how they treated Betty White. The food’s good, though.

Obviously, many people you loved have passed on, but that’s why I want to tell you that fighting is a waste of time. I know that sometimes you hold grudges when you should really just let things go. You only get a limited amount of time with people. Don’t waste that time on petty disagreements. Did someone say something that offended you? So what. Remember something else that Grandma said: Will it matter in a day? Will it matter in a week? Will it matter in a month? Will it matter in a year? Trust me, most of what annoys you doesn’t even matter for a minute.

If I could sum up what I want to say to you in two words, it would be something that Grandpa said: Stop worrying! You worry about school. You worry about getting a job. You worry about money. You worry about what people think of you. You worry about what people say about you. You worry about how you look. You worry about things you can’t control. You worry about people you don’t know. Stop worrying and start living!

You have about 75 years left, give or take. Focus on what matters. Write. Teach. Love. Laugh. Live. Realise that life is short and you need to make the most of it.


99 year old me